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Does Chlamydia prove cheating

I have a boyfriend of 1.5 years (February 2015 through now). I have been regularly checked for STDs for years and never diagnosed with one. In August 2015 and January 2016 I was tested for both chlamydia and trichomonas (among other STDs) and was negative. I'm not sure why I was tested at those times, but it was either a standard test or maybe because I was complaining about symptoms because I have been dealing with dryness and pain during sex for some time now which I assumed was caused by menopause.  Last week I tested positive for both chlamydia and trichomonas.  I was so shocked and did not believe the test result because I am in a committed relationship and we both had talked about STDs prior to starting our relationship and we tested negative at the outset.  I went to a walk in clinic to get re-tested (prior to taking any antibiotics) but I haven't received the results from the second test.  I am taking the prescribed antibiotics and so is my boyfriend. My boyfriend says he has not had sexual contact of any kind with any other person since we started dating and I know that I have not.  My doctor suggested that I am naive, that this must be a recent exposure since January. I tried to ask the doctor about the possibility that the diseases could be dormant and he dismissed that theory. I feel like I'm insane. What the doctor said sounds logical, but when I listen to my boyfriend I believe him.  My next medical appointment will be with a mental health counselor to try to deal with this.  If anyone has any information that could explain how it is possible - or not possible - to test positive for these two STDs AFTER a minimum of 1.5 years of repeated exposure, please let me know.  I should add that my boyfriend and I have almost always had unprotected sex from the very beginning.  I am getting a full panel of tests for all STDs because I'm completely freaked out that if I have these two things I could have something else.  
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Update: I got the results of the second test and was negative for both chlamydia and trichomonas. I did not take any antibiotics until after taking the second test. My boyfriend got his test results back and he was negative, too. Doctor says finish all meds anyway. Unless the lab mishandled my test I don't understand how I can test positive for 2 diseases and then within days test negative for both diseases without having taken any meds.
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