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Don't know what to do

I've been having strange symptoms for over a year now. I've been to many doctors and specialists but so far nothing has came up about stds although I'm not sure I have ever been tested but I have had a Pap smear. I am almost 16 years old and I stupidly had sex with a guy last year. at first I thought it was just a uti. I had burning during urination, frequency, but I also noticed I had discharge and lower abdominal pain. I didn't think anything about chlamidya at the time though. The doctors told me I was just having discomforts because my intestines might be backed up. I started taking mirilax and it did no help. I have put it off for so long and it's starting to worry me. My symptoms are now a daily occurrence and it's too much pain to handle. I just don't know what to do. I do not want my mom to find out because she would blame it on my current boyfriend whom which I have not had any type of sexual relations with. I'm not sure if I should visit my local planned parenthood for a test and treatment. I'm scared and nervous. I'm not for sure if I do have chlamidya. and if I have had it for this long, am I looking at a bad risk of infertility in the future?
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I would see a Dr for some STD testing to start with and best person to see is an OBGYN.
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