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Doxycycline failure?

I got treated for chlamydia at the end of March with 7 days (2x a day) course of doxycycline. It seemed to clear up but within two weeks or so, maybe a bit longer I started to get an aching feeling at the bottom of my shaft that would come and go, it wasn't tender to touch though. Then I had a little bit of discharge which wasn't always there. It was a lot less noticeable than before I was treated. These symptoms seemed to be there for a month or so but I don't have them anymore. However I still sometimes have an itching sensation around the opening of the penis. Also I have uti symptoms. I had these before I was treated also. Before I was treated I had a burning sensation after peeing but don't really have that this time, rather I have the urge to go in the middle of the night which is not normal for me, I'm only 20 and a tightness feeling in my stomach which isn't always there. It's also burns a little bit after I ejaculate. My ejaculate was a bit thick a couple of weeks ago but not now. I am pretty sure I still have chlamydia, I am going to get retested on Monday. My question is what would be my next step after doxycycline? I know I took it every 12hrs give or take an hour somedays for the whole 7 days and I haven't had sex since. Can I catch it from my underpants. I use this to wipe up my seamen after masterbating, but obviously wash them before wearing them again, is it possible this is how I got reinfected. Or is it possible it's not chlamydia and something else?
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You absolutely need to have a proof of cure test for chlamydia.

You cannot reinfect yourself as described.
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Hello, so what ended up being the situation with you? I tested positive for chlamydia over a month ago and took 2 grams of azithromycin for it. I DID NOT have sex with anyone since then and my symptoms returned in the same manner as you described with waking up with the weird sensation in the penis shaft? All my symptoms for chlamydia returned 3 weeks after taking the azithromycin without sex, so that means the chlamydia must be living in my gut, which could be the case with you. Many people are not aware that chlamydia can remain dormant in a person's digestive system and return even after treatment. I would get retested and take another course of antibiotics that your doctor prescribes.
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