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How can husband test negative twice, and I'm positive twice?

On April 19th I had a pap smear done and April 28th was told that I have Chlamydia. I confronted my husband who swore to me that he was not unfaithful and I know it wasn't from me bc my last partner other than my husband was 8 years ago. Now back in Sep. Of 08 up until June of 09 was during pregnancy and was tested periodically an always came back negative. My husband just had his annual test in march right before I found out my results, he tested negative for all stds and showed me the results. He was tested on the 29th of April the day after I was told the news, and when test results came back he was negative again. So therefore I thought my result was a mistake at the lab. So I was tested again, this time with a urine test instead of a swab... It came back positive again! Now my question is how is that possible for my husband to be negative both times if we engage in alot of unprotected sex, not to mention we were intimate the night before he was tested the second time. He also went as far as getting his prescription history list, and his med recs. which is military med recs so he only goes to military facilities so everything is in the comps. even if he is stationed away from home. He did this to show me that he has not been medicated behind my back. Please help we are Soooo confused!!
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Well I don't think there is going to be an answer. 1 false positive is possible, 2 while possible is very unlikely. But based on your statement that you have not been with anyone else in 8 years and your husband saying nor has he I think a 2nd false positive is the only good choice. Chlamydia is not passed everytime during sex, so if you do have it it does not mean husband would get it.

I do have to throw this out there, it is possible that husband was with someone else and took medication without knowledge of military to cure himself.
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I feel your pain.  I've been with my husband for almost 20 years.  Back in 2004 he went to the doctor because he had issues with his parts.  His doctor told him he probably had chlamydia and gonnorhea, and he prescribed meds for him.  This angered me because there would be no way to contract STDs unless we had fooled around.  I called my doctor and asked him what to do.  He had me come in and get screened.  He also removed my IUD which they put in 8 weeks earlier.  Note that before the IUD could be placed, they did routine STD screening all of which came back negative.  I hadn't been feeling well since the IUD was placed.  I figured I had a UTI since I seem to get those all the time.  They removed the IUD, did the testing, and I came back POSITIVE for chlamydia only.  I was devastated.  My husband's test results came back NEGATIVE.  That makes ME look like a guilty party.  I have ALWAYS been faithful to my husband.  He swears he has always been faithful to me.  And maybe I'm a fool, but I believe him.

We went through hell on this issue.  There was a lot of talking, crying, praying, yelling, etc.  We even went to a couselor trying to figure things out.  (That didn't do us much good.  We both felt we were further ahead on our own.  It's quite possible that we just didn't have the right couselor.)

So here we are, another kid (we have 4 now) and 7 years later.  I would say that while it was the worst part of our marriage, it was a great way to learn how to talk and really listen to each other.  I would go so far as to say that our love was stronger.  But have we figured anything out about how this happened to us?  No.  Does it still haunt us?  Yes.  And when we start to doubt each other, the emotional pain is almost unbearable.

If you and your husband truly love each other, please take the time to work through this.  Counseling is waaaaay cheaper than divorce.  In the meantime, if you find out any other way this could have happened, please let me know.
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Thank you both for your advice!! Back in Nov. of 2010 I got impetigo in my groin area from shaving and me and my husband being intimate the friction caused it... During my research I found that staphylococcus aureus can cause a false positive for chlymydia, and after I had that is when my symptoms started!! Don't know if the two have anything to do with one another, but I think this disease needs more research bc, too many people have too many questions unanswered!! Also just went to the Docs office again bc I'm having abdominal and back pain, and still urinating alot... They said my urine was fine and looked great and did an exam on me and think I possibly have an ovarian cysts, it's just so funny how this other stuff shows up while I supposedly had chlamydia! I also think for my husband not to have gotten it as many times as we had unprotected sex is just mind boggling to me... I feel like I have something else going on here that is making me test positive for chlamydia... It's just ridiculous how everyone contradicts themselves saying " All it takes is one time to have unprotected sex with someone who is infected and you get it" but then they also say "well it's possible that they can have sex with you and not get it" come on really!!!??? We both are fed up with the unclear answers we are getting, and yes I completely understand when you say you have cried, screamed, yelled, prayed and all of the above... Bc we have done it too!!! We are doing are best to work through this and thank God we have a strong relationship, and love each other like crazy!! We are just soooo angered that we don't know where this is coming from..... Sorry this was all over the place I was just typing as the thought entered my mind:)
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I think chlamydia needs more research, too.  I feel like nobody takes us seriously that we weren't screwing around, so it's easy for them to say "There is only one way!" and then it basically destroys lives!

As far as your writing style, I think it's gets your frustration with everything across.

Best of luck to you guys!!!!
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Your story is so similar to mine. I just got the result of my Pap smear and i was told that I am positive to chlamydia. I request to be tested again in the same office. And after two days I went to another doctor and asked to be retested by her too. I'm still eating for the results of the two last tests and I am just hoping that it will be negative. I refuse to take the antibiotics until I get an answer about the two last tests. I am 100% sure about my husband not cheating on me and I never cheated on him either, we have been married for 15 years and we have two kids. I'm going crazy, since I was told that I have it, I don't eat, don't sleep and can't even focus at work.
Thank you for any replies
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Some people are just carriers and their partners may never get ir... i was tolx this
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