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How exactly do I get Throat Chlamydia?

I'm a 21 year old woman. I recently got blood and urine tests. Urine tests came back negative for chlamydia, but blood test came back positive. I've only had sex with one guy and that was this year. We used a condom. He just got tested. His urine tests came back negative.
I've had oral sex with 2 other guys before but they didn't cum in my mouth or anything.
So do I have chlamydia?

1.Is it really possible I contracted throat chlamydia from oral sex?

2. Do urine tests diagnose throat chlamydia?

Or 3. Could my boyfriend I have contracted throat chlamydia from oral sex with another girl, and given it to me, and this oral chlamydia didn't show up in urine tests?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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The blood test is the wrong test. It is not reliable with false positives and even if a genuine positive does not indicate a current infection. Your doctor should never have ordered such a test.

The most rational explanation is a false positive and you have never had chlamydia.

There is no reason to suspect a throat infection from what you have described. It would need to be detected with a throat swab.

Overall though, why not simply take a week's course of doxy and all this can be put behind you.

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