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I didn't undergo Chlamydia test but was undergone treatment

Hi im a 22 year old woman, my boyfriend has been tested positive with Chlamydia almost 2 years ago and has undergone and completed the treatment. He also went back to his doctor to confirm if the infection is completely gone and his doctor confirmed that he's all clear from the infection.
Since we're an airplane away, it was after his treatment and medication that he visited me in my place coz i don't want to go to the doctors alone. However due to miscommunication i was not able to undergo the test because the doctor has a not-so-accommodating assistant. Due to her not-so-welcoming aura, we went home immediately thinking that we've done all the procedure because the doctor performed a Pap Smear procedure to me and has given me prescription. The assistant didn't even tried calling us out even if we told her that we're leaving. We went straight to the pharmacy and bought the meds and successfully finished the treatment. I took antibiotics for 7 days with the absence of sex as what the doctor instructed. And the assistant didn't even called our attention even if we let her know that we're leaving. We went home and then a week after, the doctor's assistant contacted me that i haven't done the test yet, they still have the swab and that i need to go back. Being it's December, everybody's busy for the upcoming holidays,. i was not able to go back to the clinic. My question is, even if i haven't undergone the test (may it be negative or positive result) but has undergone and finished the medication properly. My question is, am i totally treated? am i clear from the said infection? I haven't had any sexual intercourse for almost 2 years (after that incident), since my boyfriend and I both decided not to engage to any sexual acts for our safety (coz using condom is not my thing). I'm just worried coz i've read some articles that women exposed to Chlamydia are most likely to have (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) PID. Been having irregular menstrual cycle, but i understand partly because i am overweight (nearly obese). But at this present time, i'm only having a little brownish discharge and has been delayed for 3 months in a row.
Your response would be of great help.
Thank you and more power!
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