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I work for a studio and had sex with the owner...eek

I work for a studio and screwed the owner so I could make HUGE $. I do make alot of $, but now it burns when I pee, I have a couple sores in my private region and can't really sit without pain or burning. I had anal and oral sex as well. I have some white spots on my lip and my tongue has a sore as well. What do I do?
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Since money isn't an issue for you see a physican, have them test you for chalmydia, gonoorhea, and NGU.   (that's for the burning while you pee).

Also test for genital and oral herpes and gential and oral syphilis.   (that's for the sores your report).

Was sex protected unprotected.  Its says your male, and your reprot anal sex.   Are you male? Did you have sex with another male or a female?
How long ago was this?
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