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Is it possibly my test was a false positive?

I was recently told that I have chlamydia and a yeast infection. I told my boyfriend and he thinks I'm lying to him about who ice been with. My boyfriend of two years was tested right before we broke up about about 6 months ago and was clean and I was tested at my annual appointment a year ago and was clean at well. I didn't have sex with anyone between my ex and my current boyfriend that I started dating in September. I told him to get tested after I was told my results and is going to this week. He also asked his ex had when she was last tested and she said she was tested three months ago and was clean which means he was clean as well. He thinks I have him an std by having sex with some random guy, but I didn't. I've been reading everything there is to read online, I've called doctors, and move tried to think of how this could have happened, but I really don't understand. The only thing I can think of is that it was a false positive, but I've already taken then medicine so getting retested now wouldn't help me determine if that's what it is. I also don't know if it could have been mistaken because of my yeast infection. Please help. I'm so confused and i just want answers
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The testing is sensitive and contaminations do occur. It is all very unlikely though.

When you say you were told you had chlamydia, what tests did you do?. Can you get a printout?
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