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Kidney Infection, Possible Chlamydia

So I went to urgent care yesterday due to pain in the flank of my back.  I thought it could be a kidney infection.  Even though I'm a 24 male this was still a concern due to liver damage I had two years ago causing all my abdominal organs to swell.  It was during this time that I was told I had kidney stones but there was nothing that could be done about it.  

A few days prior to this incident of back pain, I started getting an itchy sensation at the tip of my urethra.  I have had this before and was tested for everything (beginning of April) and it came back negative.  I thought perhaps it was this new nylon underwear I had purchased.  i avoid wearing those at all costs but laundry was low.  I've been dating someone new and fell asleep at his place in the nylon underwear.  It's a hot summer here and I sweat a lot when i sleep even with air on.  So when the itchiness started i assumed it to be this.

So, this back pain started yesterday and worsened.  The doctor at urgent care told me that it could be heat rash, yeast infection, chlamydia but most likely not gonorrhea.  She gave me Zythro just in case.  White blood cells were found in my urine.  She also did a culture and gave me meds for kidney infection.  I'm most likely thinking its the kidneys considering the only symptoms were the itchiness.  No discharge, no swelling, and when she took a culture from my urethra she said my shaft looked clean.

Sorry for all the details but I want to make sure I gave enough accurate info to get accurate (as much as possible) feedback.

I'm becoming paranoid so here are my questions:

Does discharge always happen with chlamydia and is it always noticed?

I looked through old underwear in dirty laundry from the past couple days.  My white boxer briefs have some stains on them but they look like small drips of urine stains.  I know its gross, but i smelled it and felt it (i'm wearing a pair now) no strange smell and it was dry.  What would discharge stains from chlamydia look like?  

I would appreciate a fast response i'm a bit paranoid.  Sorry if I sound crazy!

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Hi there -

There is no way to know until your tests come back.  We can speculate until next week, and not know for sure, and by then, your results will be back lol.

I don't know a lot about kidney stones, but my ex bf used to get them, and his doc told him that once a male gets kidney stones, he is more likely to get them again.  You'll know in a couple of days if you pass them.

And throw out the nylon underwear lol.  You don't like them, they aren't good for your skin, etc.  That way you won't be tempted to wear them on low-laundry days.  :)

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