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Lump in Left Armpit


I have a lump under my left armpit.  It started off as a small lump and has grown to about 2cm.  It was a bit painful to touch but after a few days, when squeezed, it drained some pus.  It has decreased in size but it is somewhat still there and seems more unmoveable and attached to the skin.  It is no longer painful to the touch.  Since having twins last June, I have been having repeated vaginal yeast infections and recently a huge ring worm looking rash appeared on the right side of my face close to the ears.  Could this be a swollen lymph node due to the different infections i have been experiencing or is this something really serious?  
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you need to have it checked out but it sounds like a swollen lymph node to me.
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It is definitely not chlamydia.  You should see a doctor though to make sure it is not something serious.
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