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My wife gave me Chlamydia - how did she get it ??

My wife and I have been together for 7 years.  We have a healthy regular sex life with no other partners.  We never use condoms and have never had any problems health wise.  Recently i returned from a business trip and we had sex.  During intercourse she had white discharge, foul smell so we stopped.  She said that she had been to the Doctors for a yeast infection, which she said was because of her pregnancy few years back and had recently flared up.  After a couple of days i had pain urinating and white discharge from my penis.  I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with chlamydia and given a course of anti-biotics.  This is the first time that i have had a STD and i have not had any contact with anyone else.. My wife promised me that she had not been with anyone else either and that the infection was due to a bactiera infection which is common in women who have had children.. Is this true ? Is there any possibility that she caught Chlamydia this way and not from having sex from an infected partner being unfaithful to me ? Is there any other explanation other than being unfaithful ? Thanks for your feedback..
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Hi, well now your assuming you have chlaymdia.

"Though yeast infections are more common in women, anyone can get one. It's possible for a man to get a genital yeast infection if he has unprotected sexual intercourse with a partner who has a genital yeast infection.'
This is a quote from Dr. Sheckel burg from the Mayo clinic.
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Did you and wife both get tested and that was the diagnosis? Because if tests were not done then this could be something else.
Chlamydia is a STD, only way to get chlamydia is from sex.
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Thanks for taking the time to reply, your feedback is very much apreciated.. Actually we did not get tested, i was in a foreign country on a business trip and without medical insurance coverage, i had to go to a local hospital so i am making this assumption based on google searches of the symptoms.. The Doctor spoke extremely basic English and just gave me a dose of introvenus anti-biotics over the course of 3 days which have eradicated the symptoms completley.. I have scheduled an appointment with my Doctor to get tested for myself and my wife as i understand that this can affect fertility and we plan to have another child.. What other infection could my symptoms be ? Is there any other explanation for a infection downstairs in my wifes case as she pleads that she has not been near anyone else and i believe.  STD's are all bacteria infections i guess, they have to have an origin..  She is so busy with her job and kid..
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Many thanks for your message Life360.. This has put my mind at ease for the moment and it backs up what my wife was saying.. We will still get the tests to make sure but thanks so much for taking the time to post..!
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It would be interesting to know the test results.Please come back to let us know.
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Well to b e honest. She cheated. There is really no other way to get it. I have yeast infections all the time and it never turned into chlamydia. So why you were gone,she was doing something she was not suppose to do and just got caught. Sorry about this.
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hey, i dont know exactly but id go with what your doctor says, ive had a thing called bacterious and u get a discharge with a smell theres no test for it, so u wouldnt ever know,normally my doc just goes by my symtoms, but have a test specifically for chlamydia if its negative then u could have bacteriosis , so keep that in mind, have any other questions send me a message, but its not passed through sex, PM me if u have any other questions, im TTc also, and if u have chlamydia its really bad for your wifes tubes, It can close them or something look it up, but while ttc getting chlamydia is really bad, i just know my fertility issue is tube damage and the first ? my RE asked was have u ever had chlamydia, and i havent , Good luck to you, my hubby would love another guy to talk to while going through ttc, Send me a message, my hubby is having a hard time coping and dealing with the stress ,
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My husband was in a business trip and when he came back he had fever for one night, after almost 5 weeks i had fever one night and got some genital ulcers .. Im waiting for my results to know if its herpes or clmydia .. Is it possible that he gets it from somewhere else not cheating?? Im dieing :"""(((
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