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Need some facts.

If someone have no sign of infeaction, are they still going to test positive? Is this STD dormate? Is breast feeding with chlamydia safe? How accurate is testing? Once contracted how fast will the test be positive?
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I agree, you do need some facts if you are not infomed on how STDs are contracted, how the infections are passed on, and the tests needed to diagnose them, and their treatment. Have you seen your local clinic or doctor? Start there first. There is posted in the right column of this page a link to a chlamydia overview video, and a link at the bottom of the page for chlamydia frequenly asked questions. Read these and then repost if you have further questions.
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I have. My question are not answer by them. And I know how STD are contracted. If you know how to answer my questions please do. I need to know Details, not the normal gerenal answers. Thank you for trying
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You didn`t mention whether or not you have visited your doctor for exam and treatment. And yes, in the over 1000 posts that I have contributed for over 2 years, I have answered these questions. The CDC web site also discusses them in great detail. That was the link I was suggesting you read.
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Yes she has. She just had a baby went to her post 8wk check-up and was given this infomation. Her husband just got deployed. And now because of this his career his on the line. So you either know what your talking about and Answer the question or get yourself a degree because now you are qualified cause you read the CDC web site.
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Jackie`s questions SHOULD have been answered by her OB. I can answer some of her questions but not all. Chalmydia is a sexually transmitted disease. The tests available are urine and cervical swab testing. The NAAT test ( performed on first am voided urine has a 99 % specificity rate and about a 90 to 95 % sensitivity rate. This is based on the quality of the urine specimen submitted. The cervical tests include culture, which is 100 % specific but has a low 50 to 60% sensitivity rate due to collection and transfer of the specimen and is not a great screening test. The cervical PCR test is both sensitive and specific for the Chalmydia DNA protein,for which it detects. The elisa test on cervical swabs is my least favorite as it has up to a 5 to 8% false positive rate. Chlamydia does not have a dormant phase. Tests can be positive as early as 7 to 10 days post infection. Remeber that 20 to 30 % of females infected with Chlamydia have no symptoms. And yes I know what I am talking about. I have worked in clinics and currently supervise a clinic where we do a lot of STD testing and treatment. I have an MS in Microbiology and have been certified as n Medical Technologis certified by the American Society for Clinic Pathology. I have 35 years experience. I have also worked as a consultant for our local department of health clinic. I also was 6 years in the Navy and was directly involved in the STD clinic. I can also that having a STD will not jeopardize your military career. I just find it frustrating to spend so much time on the forums trying to answer questions wehen the information has been posted many times before.
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Sorry about my poor spelling and syntax. And congratulations on the new baby. Take care.
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If she had sex with her husband before her check up, then she got it from him.  And I would like to add that if she did, she also put herself at risk for pregnancy again.  Getting pregnant so quickly is not good for her body.  I know...I have a friend who is now disabled because of the damage of having 2 children so closely together.

Now. To quickly answer your questions since you cannot seem to find the information on your own:

1. Chlamydia does not show symptoms in up to 75% of women who have it
2. It does not lay dormant.  It is there or it is not and can still be passed even if there are no symptoms.
3. Chlamydia is not like HIV and does not enter the bloodstream to infect breast milk.  It would cause PID first and be detected and eventually cured before it got that far.
4. Testing today is very accurate.  Mostly because of human error, there may be false results from time to time.
5. Test results are accurate about a week after initial infection.

Her baby is not at risk.
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Thank you 2terried and dallasfan. Got all the info. I understand it many be  frustrating, sometime the rigth word doesn't come in the question rigth. God bless all of you.
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