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Please Help. Chlamydia infection.. Was my girlfriend unfaithful?

I am a 21 year old male..I have had sexual partners before meeting my current girlfriend.. My girlfriend and I have been together about 9 months now and have had unprotected sex with her for 8 months.. We both claim to be faithfull to eachother the full 9 months together.( I know I was )....... She was with her previous boyfriend of two years sexually the month before me and her ment and started dating ( they also had unprotected sex ).... About two months ago she got on birth control and since noticed alot of irregular bleeding... She recently went to a doctor to have test done and to get a new birth control. Test came back positive for chlamydia.. So I went to get tested and I also tested positive for Chlamydia. We both were treated... Neither of us had any symptoms the whole 8 months besides about a week before my girlfriend was tested I went to urinate and it was almost as if my urine stream was clogged and it took a second for the urine to leave my body even tho I could feel it in my penis ( this happened 3 more times before I was treated for the chlamydia ) and also her symptom of irregular bleeding which was thought to be from the birth control though...  Well my questions are... Could I have contracted chlamydia from her 8 months ago and only begin to see symptoms now?? Also could she start to see symptoms now (That is if the bleeding was from the chlamydia and not the BC)?? If yes, how common?? Could I have had it longer than that and been experiencing symptoms of long term chlamydia?? How soon can we be tested agian?? I know you usually see symptoms if any within 1 to 4 weeks. I trust my girlfriend but im starting to question if she was really faithful or not? Any help would be appreciated.. Thank you
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No.  It is very possible that she had it before meeting  you and you both did not show symptoms. Or in fact they were mistaken for other things as you  have mentioned. It is possible that the bleeding was a combination of both.  Chlamydia affects the cervix and so does birth control. Honestly, the symptoms of any infection are general and characteristic to each individual one.  How it affects the person who is its host can differ. I got bleeding right away when i had it last time.  I also had abdominal pain.  I was fortunate enough to get symptoms and have it treated right away.  Up to 75% of women do not show symptoms.  

I would not assume your girlfriend has cheated.  Without her saying that she did, there will be no way to tell when she got infected.  Both of you have been treated.  So, go back in about 3-4 weeks for a test for cure.  In the mean time do not have sex until at least 7 days have passed and then make sure you use condoms until you are absolutely sure the both of you have been cured. Good luck!
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Thanks for the help and quick response.... Much appreciated
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