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Possible Chlamydia infection. please help

About 2 weeks ago I had seen someone who could be considered a 'high risk' partner. She had performed oral on me (I am a male) without protection. Since then i had realized i made a huge mistake and have been extremely paranoid. I don't know if she had any sort of infection or STD. I have no no discharge swollen/painful testes or pain when urinating, however sometimes during the day I will feel a slight discomfort in my urethra (I don't even think I could qualify this as burning) but I just to be clear it is NOT during urination. Also, I have noticed a slight redness within the beginning of my urethra. I don't recall if this was present before hand or not though. Does Chlamydia do that?

Please help! I'll really appreciate it.
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No this has nothing to do with chlamydia, this is probably anxiety more then anything else.
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