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Protatitus without Chlamydia

100 days ago I had unprotected sexBuccal smear
Causes of sexual dysfunction
Child abuse - sexual
Delayed ejaculation
Erection problems
Female sexual dysfunction
Inhibited sexual desire
Orgasmic dysfunction
Puberty and adolescence
Safe sex with a 45yr old responsible married mother - the firstFirst progesterone mc10
First progesterone mc5
First-progesterone vgs 100
First-progesterone vgs 200
First-progesterone vgs 25
First-progesterone vgs 400
First-progesterone vgs 50
First-testosterone mc and only time either of strayed from our marriges (I know this to be factual on my part, and I've no reason to suspect she's being dishonest with me).  

Absolutely no outward signs of STDs for either of us, in fact, she got a full tiger test approx. 50 days later - she's reported everything came back clean and normalNormal saline flush.  Neither of our spouses are presenting a single symptom of any STD, so four people who, if there was an STD floating around, haven't shown any symptoms.

About a month or 3 weeks ago, I started having discomfort in the prostate area and was recently diagnosed with prostatitus.  Bacterial and chlamydia urinalysisUrinalysis is pending.

I have always had a 'dribbling penisCancer - penis
Curvature of the penis
Penis care (uncircumcised)
Penis pain' after urination, no irritation in the urethra, just always a littleLittle noses decongestant
Little tummys left that drains when I move and sort of squeeze the remainder out.  My understanding is this is a left over side effect of a teenage bout with the clap.  My further understanding is that urine and semen retained in the urethra is a likely cause of non-chlymidial infection - so that seems to make sense for the cause.  I'm praying this is where it came from.

My question is, given this background, what is the likelyhood that my prostatitus is caused by a chlamydia infection that present no other symptoms in the four adults in the situation, and given that my one time partner has been tested clean.

My anxiety is very much ruining my life, which I deserve, I'm looking for some information to reassure me, and the likelyhood that with no other symptoms at all, I now have prostatitus, but not chlamydia.
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First of all, your note is almost uncomprehensible. I will answer the question you posed in the last paragraph. Prostatitis is not a result of chlamydia infection. A urologist can discuss this and treat you further.
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