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Rectal Syptoms


I am a 22 year old gay male that has had multiple partners. I recently began to feel itchy around my anus with difficult bowel movements at time. Sometimes there is blood in the toilet bowl and blood on the stool. It is never very much. But if it starts happening it last for about a week or two. With the pain I first thought it was merely a fissure. I recently had two weeks of this discomfort and now am experiencing a red rash around my anus. It is red and the skin looks dry and glossy. Very raw looking. I am wondering if this is an STD or if it is merely a fissure and a dryness from the gym/the cooler weather that is starting. I should also note that I was treated for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea a few months ago as my ex developed signs. I am planning on getting checked again soon but was wondering if this sounds like an STD or something less serious.

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There is no natural treatment for chlamydia. You need to see a Dr as this can be many things from trauma to an infection.
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