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Repeat UTI

I understand the symptoms of gonorrhea and Chlamydia, but I told my SO I was clean, and she told me she was. However, she has recently (since we have been dating) had several (UTI's). This does not seem correct to me. I used to be a combat medic and I have studied a bit of medicine and something does not seem right. I want to be trusting and love her but a repeat infection can only mean a couple of things...either it is an STD that keeps showing its face, or her infection has become resistant to her antibiotics...I have been tested. I am clean. SHE SAYS she is clean...I know people can lie, but I have never met anyone with a recurrent UTI who uses antibiotics that don't work. What I mean to say is I am concerned for my own health...should I ask her to check herself? If we both are positive can I sue her? ( I am also a law student, but don't want to sue someone I love). I have no symptoms yet (just to let you know) but she has had a few UTI's since we have been dating (2 weeks). As a former medicine nerd...something is not right...Please help me.
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Sue for what? You made the choice to have unprotected sex with her. Doesn't matter what she said to you, you can't sue for anything.
She needs to see a Dr. You don't have a STD based on testing but can't really speak on her just based on repeat UTI's.
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Yes, repeated UTIs can occur in sexually active women. Google Honeymoon cystitis to learn more. Her gynecologist can certainly help.
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