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Symptoms post treatment

Thanks for reading!

I contracted Chlamydia in April of 2011. I was treated with 1Gm Zithromax and I felt great afterwards and tested negative after treatment. I know who I got it from and like a fool, I gave her the benefit of the doubt (symptoms in women go undetected often) both got treated and continued to have sex. Of note, my partner came back positive for Bacterial Vaginosis and chlamydia

We waited a month and started having sex again. Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure if 1) she got treated and 2) if she did get treated, what the antibiotics were and when she took it. Regardless we continued our relations.

About a month after we started up again, I developed "water on the knee" which a doctor said could be a result of persistent chlamydia. Surely enough, I started noticing similar symptoms as before and came back positive after a urine test. After that I completely severed our relationship and haven't had sex since about July. Again, treated with 1Gm Zithromax.

I wait about 2.5 weeks and I go back to the doctor because I'm still noticing discharge from the penis which is clear wtih white streaks (assuming white blood cells). The amount of discharge is very scant but there should be no discharge period. I also note very mild burning sensation after a few minutes post-urination. I'm sent home with Doxycycline 100mg twice a day for 10 days. I've just completed the therapy and still  symptoms persist (scant, clear and white discharge notable after not urinating for 10 hours and mild burning minutes post-urination). My next step is to see my primary and maybe get a referral to a specialist.


1) What are the chances of it still being chlamydia?

2) If it's not chlamydia, what else could it be?

3) Anyone hear of a resistance chlamydia? (HIV and gonorrhea came back negative every time )

4) Anyone else have similar issues?

4b) If you did have similar issues, was it ever resolved? If resolved, what actions did you take?

Thanks for your input!
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the medications used to treat Chlamydia are very effective, and after you taking BOTH Azith. and Doxy. it probably isnt....but go get retested if your symptoms persist

I dunno what else it could be, but you should have been tested for ALL stds if you had one

Yes, there is resistant chlamydia, but not common

I noticed that it took a good 4 months after treatment for all of my symptoms (spotting between periods, back pain) to go away.....I am pretty sure I had PID though...

Also, if you are always milking your penis it will make you have more of a dishcharge. Dont do that.....

I doubt you still have it after the meds you took, but the only way to know for sure is to retest
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Also I feel I should mention that the discharge I'm talking about is only present when I "milk" the penis
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Thanks. Symptoms have subsided. Will retest in a few weeks.
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