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Treated for Chlamydia but still have some symptoms?

Hi there.

I am a 22 y/old female.

I contracted Chlamydia 2 months ago from my new partner, I believe. I had swabs 11 months prior to this, they were clean and I have not slept with anyone else apart from my new partner. After a month of being together, I started suffering from painful and frequent urination and painful sex and I noticed green discharge so I went to my doctor.

My GP did my swabs 3 weeks ago. I was tested for everything. 1 week after testing, I came back positive for candidiasis, treated this with 3 pessaries and clotrimazole. This gave me symptom relief for a few days.

About a week after the yeast infection results, I was diagnosed with chlamyidia, I started my treatment of doxycycline last monday, I finished these on Sunday (7 days) half way through the antibiotics my symptoms returned the only difference is, it is not painful to urinate all the time, just sometimes. I have not had sex for 2 weeks and my partner has also been treated.

I went back to the GP yesterday they gave me 1 gram of zythromax just incase the last treatment has failed and a fluconazole pill incase it is thrush, I have taken both. I cannot take a pessary because I am still spotting, the antibiotics are weakening the ability of my pill. I was also on the 7 day break during my doxycycline treatment.

The symptoms I have now are:
-frequent urination I am going every 20 minutes, I do not feel pain all of the time, sometimes it is mildly uncomfortable but it doesn't burn, it is more like a dull bruising feeling, it doesn't hurt as much as it did before my treatment,

-sometimes the urine feels thick, it is quite clear with a hint of green, I am not dehydrated, I am  drinking plenty.
I do not know if my discharge is still green, at the moment it is brown from the spotting, it comes out in stringy pieces during the day so it is not constant bleeding.

-No noticeable smell in discharge, before treatment it smelt fishy

I have a very slight itch, but it is more like a tingle on my labia area. No sign of warts etc.

-there is no UTI present either

Eugh, will this ever end? Is it normal to feel like this after treatment?
Please note there is slight improvement in my symptoms! But I am concerned because on day 3 of doxycycline antibiotics I felt completely well, urinating normally etc but by day 5 it relapsed into what I am feeling now.

Please help :)

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The green discharge normally means gonorrhea not chlamydia, ask Dr what your gonorrhea test was.

Often medication can trigger symptoms.
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