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What does Equivocal test result means?

What does Equivocal test result means?

I am with my gf for a yr or so. Recently she is diagnose with virginal yeast infection.We had protected sex. For for safety precaution i took HIV and STD test aft one wk. When i got my lab report everything were under the range of negative in antibody status but the chlamydia is under equivocal with the rating of 1.01.

The antibody status were 1.09.

meanwhile the urine test show
trace of ketones
trace of blood

and the urine microscopy show rating :
8 red blood cells(<3)
bacteria ( occasional)

Am i positive for chlamydia?  
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Speak to your Dr, he/she is better to interpet the results then we are.
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Do you mean you had a blood test for Chlamydia and the result was 1.01 ?  Blood tests can never be used to diagnose Chlamydial genital infections. Please return to your doctor for the correct screening tests.
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An Equivocal test result means that the results were inconclusive and your going to have to re-test.

Speak to your doctor about them, and what they mean, and get that ketone bodies, and blood foun in your urine addressed.

Re read what Dallasfan told you about correct testing for chlamydia.
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