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What it the exact WINDOW PERIOD for HIV DNA by PCR test?

I am a 25 years old guy and had a sex on 21st Jul 2008. The woman was
unknown to me as well her HIV status. That night though I used Condoms,I
had made a mistake:
After having sex instead of pulling those condoms from the base(ring
side), I pulled that from the top(luckily the condom was not got torn).
For that reason a little fluid/moister was caught by my fingers (of my right hand).
After that, I placed those wet fingers on the top of my penis(on the urine
hole) for a while. Then I masturbate for 10 minutes using my right hand, but i don't think that time I touched the urine hole again. Then I washed my hands,fingers, as well the penis using
soap, around 10 minutes after that.

1) How many days it will take to reflect the changes in DNA structure after the sexual exposure?

2) I mean, after approx.1week or 1 Month if I do the DNA by PCR test, is it enough time to reflect the change?

3) I also mean if both of the report comes negative, after some period can it be changed?

4) What it the exact WINDOW PERIOD for HIV DNA by PCR test-
   Is it 1 month for DNA Pro virus by PCR test?

5) Please let me know all these answers...anyways I have already done my 1st HIV DNA by PCR and the report is HIV-Negative but this is only after 9 day of exposure. Also I have just given (on 19th of August) my blood for HIV DNA by PCR test for the second time and this time after 30 days of exposure.
Now what ever report comes, will it be final, or I have to do any HIV antibody test (ELISA) again?
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This is the chlamydia forum.  You need to post in the HIV prevention forum.

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