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chlamydia after two months treated

I acquired chlamydia at the end of september, went to the doctor and took every test possible and came back positive for chlamydia immediately, it has been two months and the symptoms have not gone away.. I have taken 1 dosage of  
azithromycin and 30 days total of Doxy along with herbal antibiotics Cat's Claw, Garlic, Goldenseal and Echinacea and the symptoms are still persisting til this day......what should I do next?
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I have stopped all sexual contact with the individual whom carried the strand as well
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The symptoms may not be related to chlamydia, what symptoms are they?

Obtain a proof of cure test for chlamydia, one dose of antibiotic may not be enough to kill it off.
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Chlamydia Treatment

Hi dear , It is very hard to treat chlamydia. I have been suffering from this disease from last three years. Had many treatments of Antibiotics, herbal meds etc no improvement as on date. I thing we have to die with it now.  
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