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how contagious??

okay, my uncle's ex has asked me to move in w/ her.. i just found out she has chlamydia. can i get it from sharing the toliet w/ her.. or am i safe to live with her?? b/c im NOT risking it if it's contagious w/o having sex or anything.. please lemme know!!
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You are fine.  As long as you aren't having sex, you won't get it.

I would wonder about this though - chlamydia is easily cured with antibiotics, so if she hasn't gotten treatment, I'd have to wonder why.

Maybe your uncle meant she HAD chlamydia?  Or did he have it and not tell her?  That would be a lousy thing to do - untreated chlamydia can cause a lot of problems for her.

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i am also concerned,sure she would of had antibiotics to get rid of the infection,if she doesn't get this sorted she may become infertile.
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