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pain sex and std

I got a new BF after three weeks started to have lower pain, painful sex and slight bleeding, also felt tired and really sick, thought i was pregnant so went to doctor, she said sounds like an std!! was so shocked I had two large pills and then a course of other pills three times a day for 14 days that made me feel so sick.. I called my bf same day i got tested and told him doctor thinks its an std, conveniently after our phone conversation he rings back saying he just got a call from his ex gf saying she has chlamydia.. so he goes to the doctors and is only given two pills to take then and there... after a couple weeks the results are in, he has chlamydia but I DO NOT!!! I asked the nurse why this was they gave no answer, she said that i had a massive dose of pills so it would have killed any bugs i had??? anyways i had sex once more with this person before leaving, condom broke, and now three months on im getting same symptoms pain in lower tummy like bad period slight spotting in between periods and feel just really low.. I really dont want to go back to the doctors as they will tell me im fine and nothing is wrong.. how can I have all the symptoms but test results show im fine and dandy??? HELP!!!
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I'd guess for whatever reason, you had a false negative.  No test is 100% accurate, but with your bf and his ex testing positive, then I'd guess you had it too.

How do you know that they will tell you nothing is wrong?  You need to get tested, hon.  It sounds as if you have chlamydia again, and it could cause a LOT of problems if you don't get it treated.  The meds would have cured it the first time, but if you all had sex before 7 days had passed, you could both be re-infected.

You can always go to an std clinic and get tested if you don't like the doctor.

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