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penile pain

I had my first anal sex and also oral sex with a male prostitute about a week ago, I was the one penetrating  and it was a bit rough, 4 days layer I started experiencing sharp burning pain in the distal side of my penis on urination,the pain was worse on the underside of the tip of the penis, there was also associated cream-yellow pus discharge from my penis since then...the pus also comes out when I apply pressure on my penis...currently I experience sharp penile pain precisely on the posterior surface of my penis when I try to have an erection and when I apply pressure on my penis....i started my self on cipro for 3 days because I felt it was gonococcal urethritis but symptoms were not abated, now I am currently on doxycycline for chlamydia trachomatis and this is the 4th day and I am not noticing any resolutions.. I do not have frequency or urgency, no haematuria what should I do?
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Have you seen a Dr yet?
Was sex protected or unprotected?
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I have not seen a Doctor yet...The oral sex was unprotected but the anal sex was protected
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Low risk for STD's, see a Dr
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