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post treatment symptoms for men

i was diagnosed with NGU and hopefully someone out there will be able to answer this. I am wondering what, if any symptoms there are for Post Treatment. When i had the NGU it felt as though there was like a grain of sand in the tip of my penis that felt like it was "crawling" and wouldn't shake loose. I am an avid bicycler and had broken up with my ex, but didn't know that i had been exposed. i thought it was from riding, but four months went by and i finally got checked out (had a milky discharge). NGU. i took xythromax (1 dose) and things cleared up with the "grain of sand", but the irritation and sensitivity around urinary hole persisted. clinic checked again two weeks later, nothing. began having sex and mastarbation sessions and when erect there is no stinging, but afterwards for like a few days, i have stinging right inside urinary hole. month later, clinic said i was clean. now it's three months after last clinc date and i went to my GP doctor. he gave me ZPAK, saying that sometimes the 1 dose thing isn't enough (it's a  five day treatment and i'm on the second to last day now). i have not ejaculated in a week and a half and the sting is feeling better but i took a shower after riding today and the soap i normally use stung like hell when it got in urinary hole! i guess what i'm asking is, is it normal for there to be a huge amount of time before the penis heals from NGU and should i refrain from any sexual activity until it does. i read about Prostititis and Epididymitis and the symptoms seem similar. I am totally broke and a urologist would break the bank so i'm posting this asking if there is anyone that has had this happen to them where the post symptoms are sticking around longer than expected and if i really should go or wait it out some more... during the week if i don't have sex or masterbate the pain (stinging) is either super faint or not there at all, but after ejaculation, it comes back for a few days. i also think that the ZPAK itself may be causing more sensitivity. any similar stories out there to share? i haven't had any discharge since the beginning and the irritation is a different kind now.
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Yes there are many of simular stories, you could be experiencing anxiety about this which may be causing your symptoms, your doctor has indicated that you are free of NGU and of any STDs so you have cleared the infection. Also, NGU is caused through a bacteria in the mouth transmitted from women to men through oral.
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