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Are you on HDL raising drugs?

I'm not sure about you, but I've been so confused on the 'good' and 'bad' cholesterol information- I understand the blood test results with them, but as far as which drugs to take and why a doctor prescribes them, in addition to what we should be eating- it all kinda jumbles up.  

It turns out, a recent study was done on HDL raising drugs- the drugs that are supposed to raise good cholesterol.  They found that, in the end, it doesn't do much to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.  The doctor being interviewed stated that it's really much more important to simply make healthy choices.  

Here's a link to the Washington Post article-

Are you on HDL raising drugs?  What do you think about the new findings?  
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These are not new findings, it has been widely known that HDL particles created with Niacin are larger, less dense particles that do not bind with LDL as well as naturally created HDL particles. The best way to create natural HDL is still with exercise.
Good to know- do you know why these drugs are prescribed if they know they don't accomplish the goal of lowering your risk?  Are there other advantages to taking them?
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Increasing HDL is not shown to decrease heart attacks or strokes. American College of Cardiology dropped it and fish oil recommnendations.
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it is best to keep cholesterol down
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make healthy choices
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