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Can I stop taking a statin?

I'm 62, and after being diagnosed with "high cholesterol about 12 years ago, I've been on simvastatin (20mg). This has always been an entirely "preventative" measure. No heart disease, I'm skinny (120lbs), don't smoke, hardly drink. Get exercize. I'd love to stop taking the statin given the data on possible muscle damage and cognitive issues.

Without taking the statin my recent numbers are HDL 63, LDL 152, overall 235, with a ratio of 3.7.

With the statin, the numbers are HDL 72, LDL 100, overall 196, ratio of 2.7

My impression is that the HDL number is still quite good without the statin, the ratio is still well within range of the recommended, and from what I've read, the HDL should counteract any ill effects from the LDL.

Opinions? THanks!
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Your LDL is too high even with a low HDL/Cholesterol ratio without. You should never stop a prescription without discussing it with your physician. Personally, I have close to the same numbers at 63 years old and I'm happy to stay on Simvastatin.
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