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Can cholesterol levels be reduced over 50% with in one week of medication?

Few days back i was tested with high cholesterol levels with total cholesterol level of 260, ldl 135 and triglycerides of 443, with in 7 days of medication, i tested it again with a different lab, the best one in the city and results are..total cholesterol 107, ldl 57 and triglycerides of 107.wo this fall is because of medication or there was some errors in the previous test?
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I'm very serious when I say that when these medications work, they work.  I wonder if at the same time if you didn't become more aware of things and also make some diet changes as well as exercised a bit more improving your numbers?
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Were you fasting for your first test? Because a non-fasting result can appear really high.
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Hi Debjit,  cholesterol medicines do need a time to work. I feel their might be some errors in your previous test. I think you should stop medications for some days and after that go for another test. When you get assured that your cholesterol levels are above the recommended ones then you must try out some treatment. It would be better to go for natural treatment of cholesterol as advised by Dr. Janet Brill who is a nutrition, health and fitness expert. She advises to eat healthy food like oats, fruits, vegetables etc. and 30 minutes of  walking everyday.
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