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Cholesterol Levels

I am 33 years old and I had my yearly blood work done in January of this year. My total cholesterol was 280. LDL 189 and HDL was just at normal level (I don't remember the exact #) but I would like to get that number higher. Triglycerides were 214. He said my levels were high for my age and for not being substantially overweight. Loosing some weight would have put me back to my normal weight of 123 lbs so I followed the 6 week low animal protein diet he suggested. I went back in 6 weeks and my total cholesterol went down to 208 LDL 132 and HDL still said around the same. Triglycerides went down as well (Don't have this exact # in front of me) I lost 20 lbs. I am 5'1. I am under so much stress and I have always had anxiety. So now I think now I have blockage bc  I was told that my cholesterol was high. That's just my head making me worry.  What is everyone's experience on this?  I watch what I eat almost everyday and I do treat myself once a week since it went down (within reason) it's not like I am sitting down with a bucket of fried chicken LOL  Has anyone it high and then go back and have it go down as much as mine did?? Just wondering what it will be like when I go back in August.
I look forward to hearing feedback to others going through the same thing.
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Hi jenn,

Im Heather. Im 34 and 4'11" and have just got back my blood labs also. My cholesterol is high (dont have my paperwork in front of me) but Dr said I need to switch diet and work out. I have an office job so I need to exercise to make up for an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Im taking it seriously as heart disease is on both sides of my family and both my grandpas had quadruple bipass surgery. I smiled out of empathy for your fear of having blockage, as I too worry about that. Good news is....I really think a lot of that is just in our head but is certainly a legitimate fear. I believe there is time for us!!! I just started my lifestyle change yesterday. Take heart. We are both making strides in a good direction.
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That is an impressive drop in cholesterol and trigs, as well as weight.  Well done!
Most studies suggest you can reduce your total cholesterol levels by 30% with strict diet, but without daily exercise it will probably increase again.  Another factor is the ratio of 'good' cholesterol (hdl) and 'bad' cholesterol (ldl).  hdl cholesterol pushes out the ldl, so the higher the number, the better off you are.  hdl can be raised primarily by at least an hour of exercise daily as well as taking specific drugs.
I have spent a twenty-five year old battle with high cholesterol, I'm not a health professional, but as an everyday meatball I'd suggest you discuss with your doctor how to keep your cholesterol levels in check with diet, drugs and exercise.  You will get all kinds of advice on line, but your doctor and perhaps a dietician is your best resource.  Keep us informed.
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