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Elevated lipid profile

I have taken two months course of Rosvin F to control cholesterol. Now after stopping Rosvin F for one month my new reading are
total cholesterol 195 mg/dl,  (ref. <200)
HDL cholesterol direct 39, (ref. 40-60)
LDL cholesterol direct 125 mg/dl, (ref. <120)
Triglyceride is 153 mg/dl, (ref. <150)
Total cholesterol HDL ratio 5, (ref. 3-5)
Triglyceride HDL Ratio 3.94 (ref. 0.40)
LDL HDL Ratio 3.2 (ref. 1.5-3.5)
Non HDL Ratio 156 (ref. <160)
VLDL 30.56 (ref. 5-40)
There is slightly rise of LDL and triglyceride. Let me know that may have start to take Rosvin f or life style change control cholesterol
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Intermittent fasting (IF) reduces total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides and increases HDL levels. My favourite style of IF is the 16:8. That is a 16 hour fast which includes sleep and an 8 hour eating window. You can choose the eating window to suit your lifestyle. I just eat breakfast later on. There are many other IF styles as well (a lot of info and videos online about IF) but the 16:8 is the most popular style.

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Stopping for a month is more than enough time for your lipid panel to return to pre-treatment values. I would guess those values were 40-50% lower on treatment. Meds are more effective than lifestyle changes for lowering numbers, but lifestyle changes can be of paramount importance, specifically if you are obese. Exercise lowers LDL quite well, but should be adjunct to drug treatment IMO. All best…
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