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High Cholesterol and Liver enzymes sus[ect due to vitamins and supplements

Dear all, should i continue the multivitamins as vit a can be dangerous for my liver and currently I have high liver enzymes

Hi all, recently went for a general blood screening. everything is normal except for choloresterol and liver function  was shocked that my cholesterol was high
Total choloresterol 259 mg/dl       range is (140-200)
Total HDL ratio 5.2                        range is < 4.0
LDL- Choresterol 181 mg/dl         range <130

Liver profile
SGPT(ALT) 47 mu/ml                  range <30
SGOT(AST) 31mu/ml                  range <30

scheduled another full count / hep c blood test in november and ultrasound liver test to test for fatty liver

Should I be worried? I wonder what causes the elevate liver enzymes.

I am a smoker smoke about a pack a day and I am not fat my height is 174 metres and 64 kilograms.
I wonder if the cholesterol plays a part in the elevated liver enzymes. I was adviced to cut down junk food and red meat and eat more veggies.
I have been taking( blackmores )multivitamins/ vit c 500 mg / fish oil /probiotics/ milk thistle.
I suspect is the multivitamins and fish oil causes higher liver enzymes as it stays in the liver and caused the liver to work harder? should i stop taking or continue the supplements. I do not have hep A and B and awaiting for hep c test in november. please advise me
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eat  more healthy and exercise
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exercise more eat healthy
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Try Dr. Furhman's Nutritarian plant based diet.  and Eliminate white stuff.  Its not really a diet its a way of life.  Eating more veges/fruit and less meats will really make a different in your life.  Eat the recommended GBOMBS.  I keep meat eating for special ocassions and weekends in moderation.  I love bacon and red meat, but I leave that for a sunday or saturday and in moderation.  :)  You will really see a difference.  I hope this helps.
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Hi, if you have high cholesterol, you need not worry. Follow a healthy lifestyle by eating fiber rich food like oatmeal, almonds, fruits and also a light workout. This would surely help you with your problem.
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exercise more eat healthy
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I take many different vitamins.  I was unaware that vitamins could cause a rise in cholesterol levels.  I plan to talk to my doctor about this for more information.
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