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High triglyceride level but losing weight (not req)

My husband was never and is not overwt. Hi wt was constant around 70-72kg for 10-12 yrs w/o any health prob. His height is 5ft 8inches and so weight is nornal for his height. He is now 41yrs old. He is very active and axercises also almost daily either walk or light gym.
Now in June-Jul 2011 we had a routine physical exam with all blood work. His TGL levels showed 290 . He was advised a medicine but did not take as doc said not very necessary. His wt was recorded 71kg.
Now in Aug-Sep2011 for some other complaint (his RA factor was positive) and he used to play vigorous badminton for 2-3 hours daily for around 6months before and there was pain in legs. So for that, his weight got recorded and shockingly it had reduced to 66-67kg. So 5-6 kg weight loss in 2 months ? Or was the 71kg in Jun2011 WRONGLY recorded ? This was very disturbing as he had NEVER lost weight in last 10 yrs.
Then again in Feb 2012 his TGL was 289.He took medicine fenofibrate for about a month. His TGL in June2012 was 319 and in Dec 2012 was 370. But weight was 66.5kg .He took again fenofibrate for 1.5 months and with diet strictly avoiding sugar and low fat almost fat free .
Now in March2013 the TGL level is down by about 100 points but again in the last 2.5 months there has been weight loss and wt is down to 63.8 ie about 64 kg. Weight reduced by 2 kg in such a short time again. WHY?

It is NOT that he is dieting rigorously only avoiding lot of oil, sweet food and Hotel food and also alcohol. Why so much weight loss in such a short time?

Doctors are NOTable to tell the reason as all the blood tests now done in March2013 are NORMAL. Except for the TGL level which is 223 still.

PLEASE advise I am so tense and disturbed since the TGL is not coming to normal inspite of SO MUCH weight loss and losing weight is NOT good as my husband is NOT overweight and he needs the normal weight which his body was used to for so many years.
No diabetes
No Thyroid prob
Haemogram Normal
LFT normal
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Hi Jon,
    Thanks for yr reply. Actually he does avoid white bread and occasionally has brown bread, wheat rotis and now started with brown rice too.  He does avoid sweets though very rarely has something. Also no soft drinks or alcohol since last 1 yr now. Actually what is intriguing is that he has lost so much weight that is a big big mystery as to why has he lost wt ..and yet the TGLs are not normal. They say even a small wt loss brings down the TGLs.
Have you experienced any wt loss while you are doing yr diet for TGLs?

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A couple of thoughts, although 290 is considered high, most people classified with high or dangerous TGLs are between 500 and 1,500, which does not mean 290 is acceptable. I myself will fluctuate year to year bewtween 299 and 125, it's confusing.

So high TGLs are not really caused by fats, they are the result of empty carbs. Try to avoid foods that metabolize to sugar like breads, pastas, sweets and alcohol. These are the main dietary causes of high TGLS.

Good luck!

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