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Kinda scared, really high Trig, low HDL

Hey guys,

I just got my bloodwork back today (took it last thursday)and I am really scared of the results. My Trig is so high and HDL low. Here are my results. I from Canada but I converted the results to US units too.

CHOLESTEROL 4.08mmol / 157mg
TRIGLYCERIDES 2.84mmol / 251mg
HDL CHOLESTEROL 1.00mmol / 38mg
LDL CHOLESTEROL 1.79mmol / 69mg

How dangerous are my results?
I am a master student in engineer (stress/late night studies/no exercise other than walking to school everyday for about 15 min) and I eat a lot of sugar and candies during the late night study session. I use to drink like one can of pop a day for the last semster (Sept-Dec) But has stopped doing that complete since Jan. Also...I have realized that I have been eating out everyday since start of college...

I also quitted smoking after 5 year since Feburary the 1st.

Is my high Trig number caused by my smoking habit? My bilirubin is also a bit [email protected] 21 umol

I really need some opinions before I see the doctor on Thursday....Thanks

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First, congratulations for quitting smoking.  I smoked, know how hard it is to quit, and that was the best thing you ever did for your body.  

Your trigs are a bit high, your hdl's a bit low, but the hdl/ldl ratio is good.  I'm betting your doctor will suggest you exercise regularly, cut down on the beer/wine/surgary soft drinks, etc., mix in more salads with olive oil/vinegar, but frankly, the tests look great to me.  I don't think your smoking affected a slightly high Trig number, probably a high sugar diet from eating out bumped it up.  

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Flycaster is correct, your numbers are off but your ratios are good. Google Metabolic X Syndrome, it s characterized by having high TGLs and low HDL. You can most likely get your numbers where you need to be by cutting out items that metabolize to sugar like pastas, breads and sweets and as noted above alcohol. We have very similar numbers, my HDL was 39 and my LDL was 67 on my last test. You should be pleased with your numbers, they are very good.

Good luck!

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