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LDL = 213, HDL = 85, Triglycerides = 36

LDL = 213, HDL = 85, Triglycerides = 36. What does this mean? Does this point to me having the "good" LDL? Since the HDL and the triglycerides are good, doesn't this point to healthy LDL particles. I eat well, (low carb) , exercise and am not overweight.
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So we need to remember what the role of HDL is, it binds to LDL to take it to the liver to be eliminated. Your actual numbers don't tell the entire story, your HDL is very high so your body is most likely eliminating more LDL. There is a calculation called you HDL to Total Cholesterol ratio which should be under 5 to 1, based on your high HDL your ratio is approx. 4.5 to one which is good. You would still most likely benefit from medical therapies, you should consult your doctor and good luck!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We hope you have had a discussion with your doctor regarding what your numbers mean.  Please let us know of an update.  
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So, you have great HDL, the good cholesterol.  But you have HIGH LDL, bad cholesterol.  LDL should be less than 100!  If you have heart disease, they will even have you strive for 70 or below. Your triglicerides are fine. So, that LDL number is probably going to catch your doctor's eye. Sometimes cholesterol issues are genetic and not affected by lifestyle changes. So, your lifestyle has your HDL and Triglycerides looking good but your genetics have your LDL high.  This is often when mediation can be introduced to help. My husband takes choleserol medication, lipidor, and it brought his ldl to normal right away. https://www.onhealth.com/content/1/cholesterol_levels_heart  
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