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So worried about my cholesterol

I have started a diet and watching very carefully of what I eat, I am about 50 pounds overweight, my cholesterol was 274, Triyclerides - 141, HDL 55 and LDL 201, the medical profession has scared me to the point i am worrrying constantly because they tell me to take a statin. Don't want one cause of my extreme allergies. I know the number aren't good but how bad are they. My bp runs high too, I do take Norvasc for that. I just want to talk to others out here that can offer so support.
Thank you
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Well, to state the obvious your LDL is way too high, it needs to be under 130 and that's a long ways just on lifestyle changes like exercise and diet even with help of supplements. What is your issue with a statin?
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Good news is I know several people that have been able to lower their cholesterol levels without the use of medications.  For many people, they would prefer exercise and diet without having to take "another pill".  Your personal results may vary with exercise and healthy eating habits, ranging from lowering your levels enough that you don't have to take medication at all or lower the dosage that you may have to take.  

But you're right - your numbers are too high (BP and cholesterol levels) and you should seek methods of lowering them.  But don't worry, statins are not your only choice!
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I plowed the same worry ground you are plowing about 14 years ago.  Like you, statin drugs worried me so I lost a lot of weight, went on a very low cholesterol diet, and was able to lower my cholesterol by 1/3.  I was really happy about that, and felt I was out of danger, but had a heart attack, and learned my cholesterol levels was still too high.  I started taking statins and feel they saved my life, although I let the cholesterol build up too long.  Like dirty plumbing pipes, the longer cholesterol builds up, the more chances your arteries will plug up.  
I'd strongly urge you to talk to your doctor about taking a statin.  There are different statins prescribed because of body type, family background, etc., but they are very, very safe.  You will probably see your LDL levels to drop in half, at least, if you continue with a heart healthy diet and take a statin, and certainly you should be exercising.  Your blood will be tested about 90 days after starting a statin, and if there is a problem, it will show up.
I'd suggest you talk to your doctor about taking a statin, I sure wish I hadn't waited so long.  I might have avoided a lot of problems.
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Statins do not to save the lives of women, even those at high risk of heart disease.  Check for hypothyroidism if you are having other symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss to name a couple. After diet, hypothyroidism is the second most common cause of elevated cholesterol.
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