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Strange cholesterol results pre/post Rosuvastatin- 49m

As a 49yr old male 5'9 177 lbs, active, non-smoker no family history of heart disease, I had the below cholesterol reading which resulted in doc putting me on 10mg of Crestor.
TG- 54

After taking that my numbers were:
LDL- 81
VLDL- 10
TG- 46

My LDL clearly went down a lot but nothing else really changed much?  I'm wondering how much of a risk I'm really at without being on statins given the rest of my numbers.  I do resistance training 3 days a week, some cardio and get about 8k steps a day.  I have a balanced diet and I don't eat a lot of red meat but do eat a low of low fat dairy (2% milk and yogurt especially)
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for your question.  Actually, you have good results with the medication. Your LDL is the number you needed to control and is is now BELOW the top range. Your VLDL is actually in the right range and looks good, your HDL is actually awesome as well and his higher than the ideal range, And your triglycerides are also well within a healthy range. Those three areas of your cholesterol are excellent and you wouldn't need to change them in any way.  The number that was high was your LDL which now is below the cut off of 100.   You do not report any coronary artery disease (when someone has this, they would like LDL to be 70 or below).  You really are doing well.  https://www.healthline.com/health/high-cholesterol/levels-by-age Your doctor will be pleased with your results.
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Thanks for the reply.   I guess I'm wondering if I need to be on a statin when taking into consideration my total numbers-  is the pre-statin LDL of 158 a concern?  I understand the cutoff being 100 for LDL but when taking in the full picture of the other numbers- high HDL, low TG, is an LDL of 158 really worth being on a daily 10mg statin?
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