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What is the best cholesterol medication.

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I'm hypersensitive to several cholesterol medications. They usually cause severe muscle pain and weakness.
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diet and exercise
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Diet and exercise
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Eat a health balance diet.
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I don't get it!
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MedImpact does not pay for PSK9 drugs for cholesterol.
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The best I ever used was Simcor, which they stopped making. No pain or aches for me, associated with using that one. Great blood numbers as well. Lipitor did not go so well...body aches became the norm.

I recently started on Simvastatin...so far so good...but I have been on it for only a month or two.
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I had problems with aches and pains with Lipitor and switched.  It reduced the amount of aches and pains, however try to add COQ10 with your meds.  I have found that it helps a lot.
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I use Lipitor.  My doctor suggested I take CoQ10 along with it to cut down on the joint pain.  Diet and exercise are the best remedies for high cholesterol.
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Those foods are remedy Cholesterol  in nature way
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Holy Basil Essential Oil
Fish Oil
Coconut Oil
Green Tea
Chia Seeds
Grapefruit Juice
Orange Juice
Pomegranate Juice
Lemon Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar
Celery Juice
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Hi,  if you suffer from high cholesterol levels then it is always better to treat it naturally with healthy diet plan and proper workout. You can get lot of help online regarding the healthy diet. You can even find certain apps that help you deal with such medical problems.
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