wants a good snack fiir someone with high cholesterol

Rickyt15External User
need good snack ides
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Esmerelda13External User
fresh veggies greens beans tomatoes, fruits (melons berries whatever is in season).  Its almost summer - Yay...
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CidLungerExternal User
Try snacks that are high in fiber.  A lot of fiber in the diet tends to gobble up cholesterol. There are tortilla chips made from beans that are pretty good.  Green pea snack crisps (they are better than they sound).  Shelled and salted pumpkin seeds, shelled and salted sunflower seeds.  Nuts are good, just need to watch the quantity consumed.  Make sure you check the packaging, because some bean products, lentil chips, etc. that you would think are high in fiber, actually don't have enough fiber to justify consuming them.
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