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Butrans Patch for my pain

Hi! I've been on oxy ir 30mg 5 times a day, opana er 40mg every 8 hours and gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day.  My pm doctor just added the Butrans 10 mg patch to be worn in addition to this.  I'm confused cause my pharmacist and all I have read on the internet say this ingredient in the patch fights the other narcotic meds I'm on and is used for people in rehab and treatment for addiction. It's an opiate that binds to all your sensors and takes all the room on your receptors so no other opiates will work. Does my doctor think my pan is a joke? I'm not sure? If someone knows or has the answer or opinion on this, please tell me.  I have been on it a week and have noticed I feel more pain? What should I say to my doctor on the next monthly visit? I don't want him to think I'm questioning him, but I'm really confused in why he prescribed this. I hope he's not going to take my other meds away...thank you.
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Yes, butrans does have some antagonistic effect against opioids, but does have pain relieving qualities too.

What did your doctor say about adding butrans at your visit? Did you ask questions about it?

Now that you have more information, ask at the next visit. Ask your pharmacist for information you can read about Butrans before you visit your PM doc.

Good luck.
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