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Frankly, head feels like a rotten apple 24/7 since June 2002!

I am a 49 year old man from Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.  I started to suffer from anxiety disorder in March 2002 to late May 2002.  But on Saturday, June 1st 2002, at about 11.20pm, I was struck with distorted thinking which lasted for about two weeks.  Worse was to come - on Saturday, June 15th 2002, around midday, a psychopathic obsession struck me from nowhere - thoughts and urges to become a super foe of God and the whole universe!  Plans to kill God and for me to become a wicked ruler of the universe came into my mind!  THESE NEW EVIL PERSONALITY TRAITS LASTED FOR MONTHS!  I was absolutely terrified!  During early July 2002, I got afflicted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome of my head!  Frankly, I suffered from a new form of tiredness - a toxic, poisonous, irritable form of tiredness that never leaves me 24/7!  And I still got it right up to this present day!  In May 2006, I was put on Fluoxetine.  This significantly reduced my evil thoughts and urges within about two months.  BUT NOTHING COULD CURE MY CHRONIC DEPRESSIVE HEAD FATIGUE SYNDROME.  (By the way, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, depression and OCD in May 2006).  I have to rest on the sofa every day during the day for an average of two hours!  It's a living hell carrying my rotten, tired skull everywhere I walk!!  Extra rest and sleep doesn't help at all!!  Please tell me what on earth is wrong with me?
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You've asked this in a lot of places.  And I feel bad for you.   So, the psychiatric side of this is very compelling as I read a lot of paranoid thought.  Has schizophrenia ever been mentioned to you?
On July 2002, my psychiatrist, Doctor Drake, informed me that I have not got schizophrenia.  
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I bet you have an allergy. I have a severe soy and milk allergy that affects my brain (dizziness, harm OCD, panic attacks, cloudy thinking), causes muscular pain and IBS. Found out after being hospitalized last year. Before any tests my gastro doc said stop eating dairy immediately, get skin prick allergy testing and look into an elimination diet challenge of the top 6 food allergens. Of course all of my many many blood tests, MRIs, esophagram and endoscopy came back 100% normal. However there is a “non-ige” type of allergy that there is NO test for. The only way you find out is elimination diet for 3 weeks, then slowly add back in each of the 6 until you find what affects you.

After 3 weeks I felt better than I have in 10 years. My anxiety and OCD vanished along with my other symptoms. As I added back each milk and soy and all of the symptoms returned.

Here is how it works for me. If I accidentally have a trace amount of soy for example, I will get immediate stomach discomfort, but then 2 DAYS later I get all of the mental disorder symptoms back and it lasts for 2 WEEKS. This is why it is so hard to nail down what food you are allergic to.

Make a food log and if you feel worsening symptoms, consider what you ate up to 2 days ago. There is no cheating on this kind of diet. Trace amounts make me feel like I’m dying for 2 weeks. No ice cream is worth that hell. Make a commitment and eliminate dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, nuts, seafood for 3 weeks and see how you feel. If your symptoms are better, add one food type back in one week at a time. 80% of people with a food allergy are affected by more than one allergen so don’t stop when you find one culprit.

Hope this helps, good luck!
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