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Dabilitating symptoms after flu virus

Hello everyone. I got sick about 9 months ago with the flu, and to this day I haven’t been able to recover. The symptoms I am experiencing are mostly neurological, the worst being the constant and severe muscle twitches and cramping all over my body. This includes my legs, arms, hands, mouth, tongue, and throat. This has left my muscles extremely stiff, heavy feeling, and fatigued. The stiffness is so bad that my muscles will shake and quiver whenever I flex them. Along with this, I just feel generally unwell every single day. I am tired all the time, and get headaches, brain fog/forgetfulness, and stomach and bowel issues. I also have become sensitive the chemicals and certain sents. Just really crazy stuff. I have had a full work up, which included mri, emg, eeg, and about a 100 blood tests. I was also tested several times for Lyme disease to no avail. Everything came back normal. Before this illness, I was a healthy 25 year old guy. Now it really is a struggle everyday. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Anything I should look into? I want to get better, but have been to countless doctors with no answers. I feel like giving up, but it’s hard to just accept this when I feel terrible all the time. Thanks for the reply’s, and I look forward to hearing back from you all.
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hello I to get sore and tired fatigued muscles especially after I do work or stand on my feet for a few hours then it takes me several days to recover one night with a good nights sleep. firstly I suggest you undergo a sleep apnea test where you sleep overnight in a hospital. I have had chronic fatigue in the past and I would lay around for 5-6 days before I could even get up. Now I take bio magnesium which seems to help my muscles to recuperate quicker. Also has something traumatic happened in your life like loosing a loved one or a lover, this can mentally wear you down and contribute to muscle weakness and fatigue.
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Try alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT,  body restoration technique with a chiropractor that does applied kenisology,  AK.  

Another method is Bax 3000 and Bax AURA also with a chiropractor.  This method is fairly new and it may take some effort to find.

If unable to find BAX 3000 and BAX AURA,  NAET and/or BRT  will do a good job.

My husband I have used all these methods for over 10 years with EXTREMELY good results.  

We have used these methods for allergies,  rashes. Viruses,  bacteria,  lung and cough,  blood sugar,  inflammation,  arthritis,  metals,  thyroid,  CELIAC disease,  exposure to pesticides. Cholesterol etc.

These methods help the body build tolerance and improve the immune system.  

Give it a real try for 1 year, you will feel better.  

Good luck
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