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Feeling completely dead all the time, undiagnosed and needing help

Hi, I'm a normally healthy eighteen-year-old female whom suffers problems with energy. I have absolutely no energy all the time, and when I say none, I mean none AT ALL. I have low vitamin B12 and have been receiving injections monthly for about six months but no improvement whatsoever. I can sleep up to 16 hours a day but for some reason, find it easier to sleep during the day than at night. I also have extreme muscle weakness in the fact that even walking up a flight of stairs has me feeling as though my legs will give out and I'll collapse. Not only that, but I have absolutely no interest in anything. I feel completely empty all the time and feel as though I'm some sort of alien posing as a human. I dissociate extremely badly, my whole life feels as though it's been a dream and there is very little I remember, each time I wake up I feel as though I'm just starting my life. I feel a constant boredness but no energy to move and nothing interests me. I can't focus on anything longer than a few minutes and there honestly isn't anything in the world I could think of that would make me happy. I can't work due to this constant fatigue and it's really weighing heavily on my life. I take 200mg of Effexor daily and my doctor was hoping it would improve my mood but it hasn't, just controlled my anxiety. I feel as though my life is dulled extremely, like I see things through a foggy lense while everybody sees things bright and clear. I have absolutely no interest in sex whatsoever, no interest in romantic relationships, no interest in friendships or physical contact, yet I constantly feel extremely bored, like I'm missing something in my life but nothing brings me any satisfaction. Any thoughts?
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So i am going to assume you are being treated for depression, as any doctor who heard what you just wrote would immediately assume depression. If that is not helping, I will tell you that I suffer from all of those problems and have since I was 13. I was misdiagnosed as depressed repeated until I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Back then, it was believed to be a post menopausal disease. Now we know kids can suffer from with. If you have constant pain with those symptoms, you may want to consider it. 25 yrs later and I am still suffering.
she doesnt have muscle pains though all over so it isnt fibro. she may have CFS or post viral fatigue syndrome. check your thyroid. maybe it is underactive. if not then t isnt that. check for lyme maybe or bacterial infections. If not, then it isnt that. You need to do a proper medical with blood tests to rule out things like I mentioned above. go to your doctor and ask him to do a proper medical on you.
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Try alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT,  body restoration technique with a chiropractor that does applied kenisology,  AK.

I have used for over 10 years with EXTREMELY good results.

These methods helped my body build tolerance and improved  my health.  

When traditional medicine failed me, I did research and found an alternative.  

It is worth a try, once you feel better many of the issues you listed will improve.  

By the way I have used NAET  and BRT for many issues over 10 years such as allergies,  rashes,  viruses. Bacteria,  blood sugar,  inflammation  for different parts of my body,  arthritis. Thyroid,  CELIAC disease. Exposure to pesticides MENOPAUSEAND HOT FLASHES. Etc.

These really helped go from feeling sick to being able to move and have a full life.

Good luck
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