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Have you seen many doctors? Gotten SS Disability?

I am new to the forum and in trouble.  Thank you so much for allowing me to join and reading my thread.  I hope one day, i can be of help for you.  I have spent the last 8 years studying hormones and immune systems, diet etc..

This is out of order and maybe doesn't make sense, please forgive me..

My lawyer says that i may not get my social security disability claim to go thru, merely because i have seen so many doctors, like a specialist for each part of my body that went crazy.  I was given no diagnosis, for many years,  other than i was mentally ill and put on psych. meds.  in and out of the ER etc..  i explained that this is common with all my conditions; cfs, FM and endocrine/autoimmune disease.  I read it over and over again on forums, online, but i am very isolated and have so few people in my life, no friends.

I have autoimmune pituitary disease, that occured with the Hashimotos. My thyroid and pituitary were "chewed up"  by my own immune system.
I have been ill since 2008 and am unable to get my hormones properly evaluated and thus, treated.  I am now in bed about 18 hours a day.  Diagnosed with Empty Sella, fibromyalgia, Adrenal Insufficiency  and chronic fatigue syndrome [mysteriously  occurring with the onset of pituitary and thyroid damage and only a coincidence, according to my doctors]..i don't buy it, totally, i need more hormone testing.  I did have EBV and Hpylori, terrible horrible, sadness and stress, for many years, which happened right before the autoimmune diseases started.

Because i have disappeared from society, i have virtually no proof of anything much. I swear, the doctors don't hear me.  They are not worried particularly, because i am not a skeleton, in fact am swollen.  My stomach digests very slowly and i can only eat a few cups of food daily , for many years, yet can gain weight over night.   I have no energy to pursue getting well, at this time.  The medical care i have received is substandard..6 weeks to receive lab results, rarely, if at all or no return calls or emails, losing my medical records, waiting 2 hours in a waiting room, loosing lab results, not calling them in, no appointments available for 4 or more months etc..

This year, I will lose most of my widows benefits and am unable to afford private insurance and must go on medicaid. I am very depressed and scared.

The lawyer wants a letter, addressed to him, stating,  that seeing many, many doctors, for symptoms and a diagnosis and remaining ill, is very common..  That  each doctor, has often,  a different protocol..from the next..you start over and over again; eventually you are unable to continue.  The lawyer has never hear of this before.  I do not know of a lawyer, specifically for cfs, in Ohio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Back to bed!

Thank you for your time!
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