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Haven't felt good for YEARS- chronic sore throat, fatigue, feeling blah

I feel like I have spent thousands of hours on the internet trying to find out what is wrong with me. Not to mention appointments with doctors and specialists. It is only recently that I started thinking, hmmm. Could I have CFS?  

Currently, I have been experiencing a sore throat for a year and a half. I would say that it is mild, on a scale from 1-10 varies from a 2-7.  Right now in this moment it is about a 2-3.  I have no idea what triggers it. I have eliminated eggs, have tried eliminating dairy, gluten, etc.  I also don't drink coffee and try to reduce my wine intake. I've been thinking for a while that MAYBE I had silent reflux, due to the fact I have no burning in my stomach, chest + esophagus..

About two years ago I had migrating joint pain. I got tested for lyme, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc. I have had my blood checked every few months and nothing ever appears. Full thyroid panel was fine, no inflammation markers, all vitamin levels normal.  Most of my joint pain is better, although my right knee has been flaring up. 2 years ago, when my joint pain lasted over a year, I have severe pain in both knees, and would wake up with pains in random fingers, my wrist, etc.  I also had surges of pains as if someone was poking a bruise and then backing off.. So in the course of 60 seconds I might feel a mild pain on my left cheek.. then my right forearm, then my left shin.. each only lasting a moment.)

I also can easily sleep 9-10 hours and I never feel refreshed.  I often feel like I want to nap and never feel better when I do.  I have moments where I'm distracted and feel less tired.. but especially if i'm sitting down/lying down, I always feel blah.  I feel physically better when I'm horizontal for sure. In case you were wondering, my blood pressure is always normal.

The past month I have had tightness in my jaw and it feels stiff to open. The left side hurts and I had a few days of crazy headaches. This has been easing up though and I no longer have a headache.  

It is so hard for me not to constantly feel like I have something serious like cancer, and last week I was thinking brain tumor. But when I have no answers and constantly feel "sick" I can't help but freak out.  I also have had weird pain in my ribcage/ mid back when I twist. I thought maybe it was my kidneys but it seems to only happen with movement.

Does ANYONE have any idea what I could possibly have? I'd like to hear validation that I probably don't have something serious and that maybe this could be CFS?

One more note on my history... I feel like ever since I had MONO back in 2005, I have felt off.  Every couple years I seem to have a flare up of new systems.  8 years ago for years I was constantly dizzy, had blurry or foggy vision, nauseous, tired.  Then it went away.  4 years ago I was bloated and in pain every single time I ate. My stool was full of undigested food and mucous.  Endoscopy was normal, no parasites, etc. Eventually this went away. Now the past few years have been fatigue again, pain that started in the soles of my feet that is still there today, joint pain, and CHRONIC sore throat.

Thank you so much for reading this and providing me any encouraging words or advice!

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Tested for Epstein Barr Virus?
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I haven't been on Medhelp for a while. But you have to remember that the CFS are a tired bunch and we may not answer as quickly as others. There are so many things that could be the root of your problems. So it's impossible to say for sure that it is CFS. CFS is a diagnosis of exclusion. It's diagnosed after all other possibilities have been excluded. It is entirely possible that you have CFS. But its entirety possible that there is something else wrong.  A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I was such an unlikely candidate for that but a persistent Dr finally found it. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying. I'm not saying that you have anything serious. I'm just saying that it's possible that the Drs haven't found out what it is that you have. Be patient. You may want to ask your Dr about CFS.
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It sounds like Lupus to me. Have you been tested for that?
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I have and it came up negative!
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All of the symptoms you've described I've also had, and they've fluctuated or  possibly cycled over the years... I've now been diagnosed with CFS. Before that I had been to many specialists... Looked into inner ear problems for the vertigo feelings/dizziness/motion sick feeling because I also had jaw and ear pain/pressure that made me think they might be related. Nothing was ever figured out. The weird vision stuff and fogginess has been around a long time now without the jaw pain. I spent a lot of money treating myself for TMJ disorder (which I don't regret, it may have helped a little) but I now think that something was triggers my TMJ problems at times rather than the TMJ being the root of any problem. If that makes sense. The extreme fatigue and neurological problems are bad this year, I had to stop working. I would say find a specialist (rheumatologist?) who is familiar with CFS. It's the only way to get properly diagnosed and to get good support and advise if it ends up being your problem. I had Mono in 2008. Major problems started in 2011 but I had felt off before that time. The similarities are interesting! One doctor thought I had fibromyalgia for a while because of all the different body pains and joint pain but that was ruled out by my rheumatologist. If you want to know what has helped me the most just let me know.  
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Do you have fibromygalia. Have you had a reverse t3 and T4 test.? I had to argue with my doc, as thyroid panel came back normal, and he did a reverse t3 t4 test and walla! I'm on armour thyroid, have fibro, knees shot..do take Swanson boswelia serreta which helps with my fibro greatly and asthma. Take antidepressant for add and doing fine. Ask your natropath and medical doc and see what they tell you before taking herbal supplements..my case is for myself only, just now posting what works for me which may not work for you.  Best wishes, Karen
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