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Health complications 3 years on.

Hi there, 3 years ago I slept with a transsexual female. Idiotic but something I wanted to do at the time and where I lived it was very easy to do
Anyway I'm now 3 years on and have had every Sti test which have all came back fine. The only diagnosis I've had is for gerd.
However I've been extremely fatigued the past 6-9 months and only now has my doctor mentioned possible parasitic infection. Something I'm told is very tough to diagnose and find but is a big cause of fatigue which goes undiagnosed in many people.
Anyone else had this before and eventually found what it was?
Symptoms wise, i can be hear all day listing things but i know stress has been a culprit in many of these.

Just to confirm sex wise everything was protected apart from rimming which is why parasites was mentioned I believe.

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#1 the only parasite you can get from rimming would be worms like pin,round,hook,etc which are  is easily diagnosed just put a piece of DBL sided tape next to the anus  when you go to bed because they come out at night to lay eggs and will be trapped, just remember they can look different and be small. They're 3x more more common than head lice and are much more likely to be gotten from kids who get the eggs under their fingernails and can be spread by contact or airborn and are microscopic.. once confirmed go to Dr and they will give u a rx
   Unless you have travelled to a tropical destination you probably are safe as far as weird scary parasites.
Thanks for your response. Is there bugs etc on top of any parasites you can catch then?
Both myself and girl have had bad coughs and respiratory problems on top of problems with bloated stomach, diarrohea, itching bum but also ears and other things. Our skin is also quite dry at times which wasn't really the case before.
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Please list as many symptoms as you can. I have another idea of what is a more likely cause of your fatigue.
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It's patently absurd to think that these symptoms were caused by a single encounter 3 years ago, and it's offensive to assume that transgender women inherently are more dangerous to have sex with than anyone else.
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