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Healthy until now and undiagnosed

No medications and healthy for 41 yrs, then one day I woke up with chest pain (later diagnosed as Pericarditis based on symptoms only) and had a vasovagal episode. Both of these were new for me. At the hospital ALL tests (Xray, EKG, Blood tests, and Echocardiogram) were ok but I was told that I had slightly elevated WBC and CK levels. The pain went away and I left feeling good.

Within a week I started having sudden onsets of a lowered consciousness or medicated feeling at work, feeling slowed down but able to function. I soon developed resting chest pain on the left side. I went back to the ER twice for those symptoms to be told all tests looked fine. The lowered consciousness or fatigue usually lasted a short time and I would snap out of it. Soon, it lasted longer and longer, digestion slowed down, etc. and had to sleep to feel normal again. I found myself getting increasing anxiety which I never had before and had constant sleeping problems. I was having adrenaline rushes (maybe anxiety) at home and at work quite often for no reason. When I went to work I felt HIGH or a tenseness for hours at a time and then fatigued after. It wore me down bad over the next two months. I felt like I was ill and that I probably had no more stress hormones to give as it got that bad.  

Soon the very frequent rushes subsided, but the ill feeling, muscle weakness set I. I was tired a lot, foggy headed and nauseous quite a bit. I went from being able to run 15 minutes on a treadmill stress test two months ago to now catching myself breathing open mouth and fatigued walking around my yard or up stairs. I cant exercise as my muscles are weak and I get great fatigue from trying. A month ago I woke up each morning with a stiff right hand that went away fairly quick, tested for RA and Lyme around that time and both were negative. Within the last month, it has progressed to both hands during the day with knuckle pain and swelling. I'm also having various other joints in my body giving me pain off and on. I still have chest pain, but now its both right and left sides off and on, with occasional skin burning feelings in my chest, arm pits or arm.

So far I have been to four Dr's trying to figure this out but blood tests are not showing the smoking gun as I had hoped. I did have a positive test for EBV igg suggesting a past infection, but that's it so far. Everyday is a struggle to see how it will affect me and my family. I have no stress tolerance from what appears to be learned anxiety and I feel like my immune system is not helping matters. I read articles on Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, and reactive arthritis and many of the symptoms match what I have. I'm in need of direction as its getting worse with no help in sight.

I have taken the above tests at the hospital months ago as well as recent blood tests, Ultrasound of abdomen, HIDA scan, and a 24 urine test (not tested for cortisol/aldosterone yet). So far im being told the tests are all good. There happens to be a Dr. in my state that practices antiviral medication for CFS if you meet the criteria (EBV active, etc), but it will be another month to get in. Am I missing something?  

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Look into Pathogenic mycoplasma infection.

These infections are notoriously difficult to detect with blood tests, as mycoplasma can only crystallize at over 8 PH and the blood is at 7.4 PH .
It is believed that they are the main causes of FMS, CFS, RA, MS and other serious chronic diseases.
Mycoplasma feeds off sterols from cell membrane, turning  cells into waste material!

My opinion is that hypothyroidism, pathogenic mycoplasma and its co-infections, adrenal fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, leaky gut syndrome
and food sensitivity (gluten, wheat, grains, dairy, etc) are the main suspects
in CFS and FMS.

Conventional medicine has done a very dismal job in investigating, diagnosing and treating these underlying imbalances!

Patient beware! The chances of staying in limbo are greater than getting better! But this is just my own opinion.

JW4451, can you think of something which may have triggered this?
Like a devastating event, a serious trauma, a drastic change in your life?


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I was put on paxil for weeks before the pericarditis to check to see if it would help lower my Blood pressure at work as it was high. Other than that, nothing else changed. An update: I was recently told my MRI had numerous lesions and a lumbar puncture was taken. Undiagnosed still...
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I was a fit, none stop healthy person.
My disabilities all started with a cough that lasted 2 months, then indescribable pain in my head, thought I was dying, and would have happily had myself shot in the head. It was unbearable, I was rushed to hospital and given morphine. Two weeks later and a mass of tests, I was told I had M.E.

That was, the end of me as I knew.
I am a different person now.
Every day is variable, but always exhausted, aching, in pain. My body can't keep up with my brain. My brain is foggy, can't do the simplest mental arithmetic.

I am under several specialists, but takes an age to see them.
It is a very lonely life, soul destroying condition. A nightmare.
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