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Lifelong illness that may be service connected to my time in the marines

When I was in boot camp in 1999, I fell ill with a 104 temp, dizziness, light sensitivity, a period of unconsciousness where I fell and hit my head and convulsed. I saw the corpsmen, they found pus on my tonsils, enlarged lymph nodes, I had a sore throat. They thought maybe strep.  Afterwards I developed extreme confusion, fatigue and exhaustion, malaise. Shortly after that I developed conjunctivitis, a groin rash , and cysts behind my ears. Then the fatigue
Asked for months and months, actually lasted over a year and then I discovered ma haung In The form of xenedrine and stacker pills. They made me feel well enough to function which was a huge struggle before that. Whenever I would get off of them I would revert back to my baseline extremely fatigued person. The groin rash and cysts persisted. The conjunctivitis happened a few times that year as well.

This exact , minus the passing out and convulsing part, has happened multiple times and the fatigue and brain fog gets worse every time. I feel exhausted and listless all the time.

The one thing that seems to be around every time these symptoms recur, is an old smelly building (boot camp barracks, another military office building, and towns house I stayed at, another home I stayed at as well), a smell I now know is mold. Coincidence maybe but I really don’t know what the deal is here.

This is completely debilitating and killing my life.

Question: is this just chronic fatigue? Could it be chronic ebv infection? Recurrent glandular fever? Does conjunctivitis and rashes (particularly groin and finger raises) accompany any of those illnesses or is it simply my immune system going haywire?

I should also mention that this last bout has added gastrointestinal problems, I do have a chronic sinus infection, and I’m always hotter than everyone else, like I’m going through menopause even though I’m a guy. I don’t get hot flashes but I’m always hot until I’m freezing. There is no I’m netween.

Please help, I’m at my wits end and need to figure out what to do next.

I did have Kawasaki disease as a kid, I do have a mold allergy according to allergy tests, if that matters.

Thank you!

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