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Losing my mind thinking I've got CFS/ME

I was just wondering if you could help me cool my nerves. Almost 4 months ago (16 weeks ago) caught a really bad virus and was ill pretty much for the whole winter. . I had bad recurring flu-like symptoms and also respiratory and digestive ones. A month into being ill I was tested for EBV, HIV, Hep, bacterial infections, had a blood count done etc. and everything came back normal. Was told that I had just been continuously catching various viruses and that it would go away by itself, but I feel like I had the same thing all winter long, it never seemed to end and it was the same symptoms.

Anyway I still haven't recovered at all. I have fatigue and brain fog, can't walk for very far without starting to feel funny. I also have random bloating of the stomach. My forehead also feels hot all of the time and I sometimes feel like I'm getting flushes but when I take my temperature I have no fever. I have been resting and taking it easy for ages and nothing is helping. Sometimes I feel worse than others. Although I am extremely tired a lot of the time I still have been able to go to school/college everyday but can't really concentrate and am failing.

When I first saw my doctor and told her I was worried about the possibility of me having Chronic Fatigue she tried to convince me it could be depression or anxiety, which I refused to accept. She then tested my blood count, vitamin/mineral levels, thyroid and liver functions to rule those causes out and everything was normal. I was then told to come back in a few months' time if I was still ill then to rule out the possibility of it being a temporary post-viral thing.

I don't feel like I'm ever getting better. Any info or advise you can give me would really help because im not to clear on how you can get CFS. I  never thought about it and now here i am obsessed thinking I  have it night and day!!!
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Do you have a racing heart or feel any type of panic? The reason I ask this is because I went through something a while back. It started with a numbing feeling in my hands and arms and my heart would race. I had ever test imaginable. It got so bad that I could not function.  I felt like I was dying. I ended up closing off the world for over three months. In that time frame I lost 20 lbs and was a mess. My doctor put me on anxiety medication and immediately I started to feel better. Little steps....sometimes I would be in the grocery store and I was worried I would have an attack. I would get this hot flashing feeling, leave my grocery cart in the middle of the isle and leave. As the medication started to work, I got better by the day. I realized that everything I went though was anxiety related. I took the medication for a few months and slowly started to decrease the dose as it was highly addictive. I am now able to control it and know when its creeping up on me. I hope that you can find the answers to your questions soon.
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It seems that you have been doing your research and are very knowledgeable about CFS. About 2 years ago I started experiencing the same symptoms that you have. Brain fog, terrible anxiety, difficulty Breathing, memory Problems, IBS, hot flashes, balance issues, back, leg, thigh and pelvic pain. Every test came back normal.

Then about a year ago I was having what I thought was a completely unrelated vein procedure. After the procedure, my doctor told me that he discovered that I had May-Thurner Syndrome (Left Iliac Vein Compression). I did a little research and found a vein clinic website that list symptoms of May-Thurner Syndrome:

Extreme Fatigue
Exercise Intolerance

After I had a stent placed for this condition almost overnight every problem disappeared. The brain fog was gone, anxiety and fatigue started to fade, and within a couple days every ache and pain in my body was gone. After some research I read another story of a lady that had the same thing happen. She discovered that she had May-Thurner Syndrome during another procedure and claimed to have been cured of Chronic Fatigue overnight.  I've also met a lady that was just diagnosed with May-Thurner and another similar condition called Nutcracker Syndrome (Left Renal Vein Compression). She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well.  That's when I learned that Nutcracker Syndrome has been a known cause of CFS for over 10 years yet almost no doctors know this. Google:
Nutcracker Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I would recommend getting checked for both of these vein compression conditions as they are the most likely cause of ME/CFS. A good doctor to go see might be a Vascular Surgeon or Interventional Radiologist to at least rule these conditions out. If you do have either or both, it's possible a simple stenting procedure might give you great relief from your problems.
I had what you had for about 15 years after a big flu which caused me to get post viral fatigue and all those symptoms you described. Now I am fine. I dont know what to say to you except you just take it easy until one day it may clear up. I did put on weight cos I couldnt exercise during this time much cos my brain went foggy if I did. Noone knows what the cause of CFS is. It is not hypothyroidism if your thyroid tests are normal. I tried this with some quack doctor in Birmingham UK who gave me thryroid pills and they never did a thing. I did try antibiotics and it may have helped I dont remember now but the GPs told me I didnt have any infection. Yet again some GP up north in the UK said that you can have infections hiding in your white cells and he prescribed amoxicillin. Yet again I dont know or remember if it worked but I dont remember either. I tried citirizine which helped my brain fog. Thats about the only thing that helped a bit. Like I say mine just cleared up out of the blue after 15 years.hopefully you wont have to wait that long.
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Hello guys. I worked without day off all week. But yesterday I felt bad and lost consciousness. My colleage took me to the dallas urgent care clinic  Doctors said that I have chronic fatigue syndrome. He said that I need rest and drunk some medicine.
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