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Wet feeling down both legs and sometimes feels numb or wet in groin area.  
Feels like nerve twinges that happen at different places in my body.  
Terrible back pain, sore spot, swelling that makes sitting or standing hard sometimes.  They say I have a bulging disc.  
Swelling that takes place behind my right knee/leg area after sitting for too long.  
Tailbone feels bruised constantly.  
Nerve going down each but cheek hurts at different times.  
Bottoms of feet hurt so bad sometimes that I can barely walk.  
I get so tired that I feel like I could fall asleep sitting up.
Horrible pain that shoots from my neck into my collar bone area that I explain as if it were to feel like it is broken.  
A spot on the left side of my neck that swells and hurts horribly.  When it swells, it feels like something is stuck under my tongue and pushing up under it.  
I get so tired that I get nauseous and start feeling dizzy.  
Couple of weeks ago I got flu or food poisoning type symptoms and I felt like my entire world was flipped upside down...never had such a feeling of not knowing which way was up.  
The spot in your ear where it dips down where your earlobe starts hurts to the touch.  
Sometimes I have a feeling like my shirt is too tight under my left armpit and also have a feeling on my left side of my groin like my underwear are too tight.  
I had terrible bleeding issues with my menstrual cycle, bleeding pretty much for 2 years, and finally just went ahead with a hysterectomy after multiple biopsies.  
Sometimes get little squiggles in my vision and it makes it to where I can’t see right.
Gained weight
Chest feels tight
Heart beat feels like it beats very hard sometimes…it moves my entire body while sitting
Sometimes my upper body feels itchy.

I have been going to doctors for 4 years now off and on....just started going to a therapist yesterday because I just don't know what to do anymore.  I am now back to square one with my doctor telling me to go to a ENT.  This is where I started 4 years ago.
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It can be due to parasthesia skin which is due to dysfunctioning of neurons or due to menaopause. Parasthesia can be due to diabetes, hypothyroidism, peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency, neurological causes or malnutrition.

Get your blood sugar and thyroid hormones levels evaluated. You can take some vit B12 for some days and see if the symptoms improve. If the symptoms persist then get the above mentioned possibilities ruled out from a neurologist. Also then you should get spinal causes ruled out by getting a MRI spine done.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

Wonderful and helpful to hear about paresthesia and dysfunctioning of neurons! Thank you.

As just someone who's been having a bad Vitamin D deficiency, a number of this person's problems sound similar. (It's been a long hard row to hoe.)
(Not all of MercyMe's symptoms sound similar - but the "wet feeling down both legs," twitching, twinging, dizziness, fatigue, facial numbness, ear pain, heart arrhythmia, strong loud heartbeats, nausea, extreme fatigue, crashing into sleep at night, and itchy skin (my back) are a FEW of mine. Which have s-l-o-w-l-y begun to recede.) Thank you.
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What medication that cure completely itching of the body after taking either a cold bath or warm bath? I ve been using E45 cream and Funbact tripple action cream but to no avail.itching of the skin is a very terrible situation that I ve been experiencing for almost a 1yr still no improve despite drs prescribing medicines such as Hycortisien,predisolene,etc although I may not familiar with this medical terms but all in all no changes in my body.I can't bear this itching such that  I usually fail to ve sex intercourse with my wife becoz when I jst remove my clothes itchingjust from there beside that I don't sleep on the bed due to this uncontrollerable and severe itching. Kindly help me Dr.
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I'm not a doctor but I recently started using pure organic coconut oil on my skin...it works wonders...just give it a try. It is sold on amazon. It's great for eating too.
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